Finding a Second Life

Everyone who drives along any busy highway will see a number of office trailers. Some are parked at construction sites and others in use at car lots and small businesses. However, these days you may even come across an office trailer deep in the woods or parked inside a large cave.

If that raises questions, you probably aren’t following the latest in Prepper trends. This increasingly popular lifestyle is peopled with individuals and families who spend a great deal of time preparing for disasters and doomsday scenarios. Many of these have what they call “bug out locations.” These are remote sites they prepare to move to when something interrupts everyday living.

Many of these spots are stocked with food and essential to last for weeks or months. The plan is to survive natural disasters, pandemics or other dire circumstances by getting away from other people. Discarded office trailers are one popular source of shelter a number have chosen.

Fully Equipped

One reason old, or even new, office trailers are popular is they are designed to be fully functional and standalone. Many of these come with bathrooms, full wiring, and are well insulated. That makes them perfect as potential living quarters, especially the larger trailers.

Preppers especially like to purchase trailers still on wheels, making it easier to tow them to their chosen spots. Once on location, some trailers are lowered into prepared pits, hardened with concrete covers, or simply camouflaged. Once in place, the trailers are outfitted and fully stocked. There is often a generator and even plumbing that makes the bathrooms functional. In fact, some news stories have shown locations where multiple trailers are lowered into large pits and networked into small communities.

The next time you pass a trailer out on the trails, you’ll have a better idea of why it may be in such an odd spot.