As springtime blossoms it is an ideal time to complete spring cleaning of your mobile office trailers. By maintaining regular cleaning you can increase the longevity of your space. If you aren't sure where to start, here is a list of areas to tackle.

Air Quality Control

The air quality of your mobile office can be improved with a bit of spring cleaning. Start by replacing the air filters of any air conditioning unit. Next, dust the entire interior of the trailer. Make sure to use a dust repelling spray that will help prevent as much dust from collecting on furniture in the future. Start at the top of your items, such as with the blades of ceiling fans, and work your way downward as you dust.

Use a HEPA filter vacuuming system that will filter the air as it picks up any dust and dirt. Finally, avoid opening the windows of your mobile office trailer especially on days of heavy pollen to reduce the instance of polluting your office air. As a final step you can install a permanent air purifying solution, such as English ivy, the snake plant, or an electrical air purifying machine.

Specific Cleaning Chores for Mobile Office Trailers

When working in an office space, you are sure to collect a lot of paper whether in printed documents or books. Reduce the amount of paper you have laying around your office. Books that are not being used or are aged should be tossed in the garbage. This is because book paper slowly decays due to the acids used in printing, and this decay process gives off a toxic chemical.

Also, keep your desk cleaned out of excess papers and supplies, tossing out anything that is broken or out of service. If you have any office furniture, such as office desk chairs or sofas, have the upholstery cleaned once you've finished dusting the space. You may need to take these items to a professional laundry service for a thorough cleaning. By getting your office trailer clean and orderly for spring, you can help ensure a more productive summer season.