Modular classrooms are perfect for schools or entire school districts that are working on a tight budget.

Over the last five years modular classrooms have actually become more and more popular as school districts have increased the number of students enrolled in each grade. That said, many states have kept in place limits on the number of students allowed in each class in addition to strict teacher-student ratios.

Modular, or relocatable, classrooms are therefore the perfect solution. A temporary classroom to house a science lab, media center, library or daily classes caters to school districts looking to enroll more students and individual schools that remain budget conscious.

Benefits of Modular Classrooms 

Modular classrooms are affordable and offer tremendous savings in the sense that modular classrooms can be constructed up to 60 percent faster than regular, on-site facilities.

Because modular classrooms are efficiently constructed at an off-site location, modular classrooms can be installed prior to establishing a foundation on the school site itself.

Modular classrooms are virtually guaranteed to save school districts money long term as well. This is because modular classrooms are more structurally sound than mobile trailers. Part of the reason is that modular classrooms have to withstand the rigors of transportation and punishing weather.

In fact, modular classrooms are typically constructed from high-grade steel. Steel supports can even allow modular classrooms to come in pairs and be transported with one on top of the other.

Rationale Behind Modular Classrooms 

Modular classrooms are great for school districts on a tight budget, yet facing more and more students on the daily roster.

That said, modular classrooms are also a cost-saving option when a school needs another classroom or lab on a tight schedule. Remember, modular classrooms can be put in place up to 60 percent quicker than traditional classrooms.

For school districts looking to expand or connect one classroom to another, modular classrooms are an elegant solution. Modular classrooms can easily be extended or even disassembled altogether and moved to another location within the school district.

The fact that modular classrooms can be quickly and cost-efficiently assembled, transported and even moved around within a school district is a tremendous advantage.

Two words come to mind when considering modular classrooms – options and flexibility. School districts can rent or purchase a modular classroom; expand, disassemble or move it; and modular classrooms can be installed on your time frame and budget.