Modular Homes

Yes, modular homes are energy efficient. The short answer makes it easy. However, there are details about the energy efficiency and other environmental benefits of custom modular building in NYC that shouldn't be ignored.

Reducing Materials

Because the homes are built in factories to exact specifications, there is less waste involved in the production of the home. That means less energy is used in making material that ends up getting thrown away and transported to a landfill. Some prefabrication processes can reduce waste by over 50 percent. At the work site, where the home is assembled, waste is also significantly reduced. Thus, it doesn't have to be transported to the landfill either!

Recycled Materials

The second step in energy efficiency is the use of recycled materials. Because the materials are already processed, they use less energy to harvest or mine and create.

Solar Power

Many modular homes are outfitted with solar panels and owners can opt for solar batteries. Energy use from the grid can be reduced by almost 75 percent. Even better, the homeowner can sell the excess energy a home generates to the power company in some places! This doesn't just reduce the bill, it can offset it completely in some cases. 

Light and Heat

Most modular homes are equipped with LED or CFL lighting, which uses less energy than incandescent and last longer. They will also be well-insulated with the best R-rating available at the price. This reduces the amount of heat and cooling needed to keep the home comfortable. Double glazed windows and doors also provide better insulation.

Modular Homes

Hot Water

While PV solar power gets all the glory, solar water heating panels can create up to 90 percent of the hot water a home uses. This reduces the need for the energy used in heating water on an everyday basis. Modular homes are often designed so that the places that use hot water are close together. This allows the pipes to be placed together creating a more energy efficient sector as they tend to lose heat less quickly than single pipes. These measures help keep your energy usage down and energy bill low while still providing you with the temperature of water you want for cleaning and showers!

Going Green

With all of these factors contributing to the energy efficiency of a custom modular building in NYC, you might not be surprised to learn that most modular buildings are made to be environmentally friendlier than regular buildings. By doing so, manufacturers limit exposure for their employees and your family to harmful chemicals. Going modular will improve your lifestyle, your health, and your bottom lie as you reap the benefits of the multitude of ways you save money.