Ticket Booth

Are you organizing an event that requires equipment that can be set up and dismantled quickly? Well, you need to look no further. At Cassone, we have storage units and facilities that will come in quite handy in making your special event a success. We have many facilities such as ticket booths, press boxes, concession stands, trailer offices, and other various custom storage containers in NYC. There is a lot in store to make your event successful. Consider the following ways in which Cassone can help you with your next event.

Ground Level Storage Containers

Whether you are hosting a wedding party, a promotional event, a school concert, or a festival, you will need some secure storage space. You may want to store your tools for work, materials needed for the event, or any other valuable items you might need. With Cassone’s storage container trailers, you have all you need. You will get storage containers made of heavy-duty corrugated steel. The containers will come in your preferred specifications. If you want one with shelves, lighting, or roll-up doors, all you have to do is say so!

Ticket Booths

If you are hosting an event where people need to pay for entry, then you definitely need one central, designated area where people will queue to get their tickets. What better way to do this than using a ticket booth?

Press Boxes

Cassone offers the best press boxes so that you can offer the media the best view of your event. Keep the press cozy, and your event reviews are sure to be stellar!

Mobile Trailer

Concession Stands for Special Events

Will there be food served at your event? If so, then you definitely want to ensure there is some kind of orderliness in how the food will be served. What better way to do this than by using concession stands to demarcate the area?

Mobile Office Trailers

You might need an office to conduct all event setup processes. Whether you want a temporary office during the months leading up to the event or an on-site office for logistical purposes, Cassone has trailer offices that you can use temporarily until the event is over. The office trailers are strong and they can withstand adverse outdoor weather conditions.

Cassone understands the pressure associated with organizing a big event. You may not have the time to construct permanent structures, and in that case, we offer temporary solutions. For more information or to book temporary storage for your upcoming event, don’t wait. Call Cassone at (800) 947-1334 to speak to a friendly professional today!