When you’re ready to buy a home, will you look for a home built with traditional building methods or modular construction? Most buyers in New York City look for a home that they consider a wise investment. That may be a modular home. Maybe you’ve never thought this type of home was an option. Many families today choose modular building over stick construction. Read on and discover why a modular home is a wise investment for home buyers.

An Affordable Home

Modular homes are prefabricated, which means the components of the structure are built in a factory. The components are transported to your building site where they’re installed. Factories qualify for purchasing materials in bulk, resulting in costs savings they can pass on to you, the buyer. Since the components are prefabricated, construction doesn’t take as much time once components are delivered to your site. Less labor costs. You can get a home with custom features for considerably less than what you’d pay for a home built with traditional building methods.

High-Quality Materials

A myth about modular homes is that they're built with poor-quality materials. Significant improvements have been made to manufacturing processes over the past few years. Many companies that specialize in modular building in NYC produce homes that easily compete with stick-built homes. For some, the quality of materials is even better. They key to better materials is the factory. These homes are built on assembly lines with strict quality control. Also, the materials are kept inside and protected from weather. Often the materials used in traditional construction don’t get protected from the elements. Problems from using materials exposed to weather extremes are never good for the home buyer and usually have a negative impact on your investment dollars.


You Can Move in Sooner

You’ve signed the contract and are excited to move forward with your new home. Then you start getting notifications about multiple delays and realize you’re move-in date is now several months after the original date. Modular homes are usually finished quickly meaning you can start enjoying your investment sooner.  Unlike modular building materials, stick-built home materials may be sourced from all over the country, maybe even the world. This can result in delays in materials arriving on time to the building site. Weather can also delay the building process. Most of the modular construction takes place indoors, which helps eliminate weather delays. Modular also makes sense if you have a tight timeframe to move from your current home.

Your Home Can Be Customized

You might think modular homes all look the same, or that they all look like boxes with a front door and a few windows. When you’re making such an important investment it’s important to find a home that is not just attractive, but one that you can make your own by adding personal touches. Modular homes come in wide range of styles, including the popular open-concept that so many people are looking for today. Talk to a specialist in modular building systems in NYC and ask about customizing your modular home. Most homes can have garages, porches, decks, and other features added on once the home goes up at your building site. For the interior, your options are nearly the same as those you’d get in a home built by traditional methods. You get more for your money when you choose a modular home.