Modular classrooms not only provide economical, easy, and stress-free solutions for schools suddenly faced with the challenge of finding more space to expand traditional classrooms, , but also enable schools systems to create additional, comfortable space for special occasions; here’s how:

Additional Subjects Require Additional Student Spaces

Whether it’s a computer lab, a foreign language class, or room for a tutoring center, adding curriculum or special programs to the school day often requires more physical space. Older school buildings cannot always accommodate the growing list of subjects or special programs being offered in schools. Modular classrooms are an easier, faster and more efficient way to divide space to fulfill any school’s requirement.

Minimal Time Needed for Construction

Modular classrooms can be constructed in a shorter duration of time than a traditional building expansion project since most of the components are already fabricated in the workshop. The contractor would only need to assemble the different parts on site. The entire process can be completed from 2 days to a week.

Zero Disruption to Ongoing Activities

Modular classrooms also offer a noise-controlled construction alternative. When a contractor works at a public site such as a hospital or school, he/she has to work as silently as possible as excessive noise can interrupt normal functions. Modular classrooms are prepared in the workshop and simply installed on-site eliminating excessive noise.

Negligible Post-Installation Clean Up Required

Modular classrooms also require less clean up compared to traditional construction methods. Concrete and drywall require storage space. Furthermore, once the construction is complete, the contractor has a lot of debris to cart offsite. The same can be avoided if he/she uses modular classrooms.

Perfect Spaces for Special School Occasions

In some cases, temporary structures are required, for example, during school sports  or graduation days. A school may decide to construct temporary classrooms to accommodate the  special event. This not only helps keep the event organized, but also ensures that outdoor functions do not seep into the school buildings. Also, since modular classrooms can be rented and returned when the need is fulfilled, it works out to be economical as well.

Ideal Solutions for Emergency Scenarios

Finally, in emergencies, where the school building becomes temporarily inaccessible, modular classrooms are a faster solution, ensuring students do not miss school days. When buildings are affected by storms, pest infestations, and similar unforeseen emergencies, modular classrooms are the go-to solution for contractors and schools.